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        caps liner inserting machine

        1. This liner cap inserting machine is suitable for inserting the liners into the cap

        2.Stainless steel SUS 304 main machine frame and housing

        3.sensor for the cap coming into the stuffing area ( no cap coming ,no stuffing ) .

        4.Rejection system for improperly stuffed caps and/or missing foil caps.

        5.One conveyor for caps transmission with speed variator .

        7.Large capacity cap hopper to stock caps for long -time running without continual refilling.

        8.Adjustable cap chute is suitable for different sizes of caps. The cap elevator will pause automatically when the cap chute is full.

        9. With the PLC and touch screen, Meet GMP requirement .

        10.With the mechanical drive positioning mechanism, the machine can work smooth and relibale

        11. With the counting unction and output pre-setting function.

        12: No cap and liner coming, machine stop work.

        Cap Liner Inserting Machine is used for Inserting  ?
        ---used for cutting Foam tapes, 3M tapes, EVA,PS,PET,
        induction seals reel liner, roll aluminum foil wads.
        Model:                   SR-CL0
        Liner size:              15mm-65mm
        Cap out size:            20mm-50mm
        Speed:                    50-60 caps/min
        Electricity power:        220V/50HZ/1000W
        Compressed Air Power:       1 m3/h
        Machine size:              3000mm *1150mm*2050mm
        Machine weight:            350Kg


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