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        English簡體中文Customer Service : 0086 -773-5870889 , 0086 -773- 8989089

        cap lining machine

        1. including one set host equipment, one set foil Locate and inserting equipment,one set foil sending machine ,one set wasted foil colloecting machine

        2. one set round cap liner model;
        3. PLC system, touch screen operation system.
        4. automatic cap arranger,automatic Rejection system for improperly caps , which the cap mouth is not up.

        5. the turntable locating, cutting and inserting the foil into cap more precisely.
        6. the foil roll diameter for foil sending machine: inner diameter is 76mm, outside diameter is no less than 500mm.
        7. the length of foil can be adjustable. So it can make sure the inserting job more precisely.
        8. high quality and performance. It can work 24 hours per day and no stopping.
        9. with counting function and output pre-setting function
        10. with the detect function for foil missing and joining.

        1. Cap Liner Inserting Machine is used for Inserting  ?
        ---used for cutting Foam tapes, 3M tapes, EVA,PS,PET,
        induction seals reel liner, roll aluminum foil wads.

        11. The speed is up to 45-50 piece per min.( for 97mm)
        12. Electric Power source :220V,50-60HZ, Single power supply;(also, can be design according to customer requirement)

        13: power: 2500W.
        14. the size of machine( not including the cap elevator)(L * W * H): 1800mm×1220mm×1850mm


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