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        aluminum foil seal liner

        PET, PE, PP, alu foil induction seal liners for food, pharma, cosmetics, pesticide bottle packing. the gaskets which are made of cardboard, composite membrane of different material and adhesive are good sealing, environmental non-toxic, water-proof and high-barrier. They are widely used in medicine, food, cosmetic, oil and pesticide veterinary drug and lubricant oil industries to ensure good quality and longer shelf life of the contents. Pad size and hardness of our products can be customized according to customer requirements

        Product  types:

        a) PET, PE, PP, PS, and PVC universal foil seals

        b) PET high pesticide barrier property foil seals

        c) Logo printing foil seals

        d)Glass sealing foils

        5)foil layer:


        b)wax bond

        c)aluminum foil

        d)heat seal

        e)PET,PE,PP, PS, PVC or glass foil

        Applied in various industries, including pharmaceutical, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic, lubricating oil, pesticides, industrial chemicals and covering geriatric needs.

        compounding cardboard and composite film together with heated melt adhesive---removing static electricity--- cutting model---punching---visual inspection---screening---clearing the crumbles---checking the products---packing---sending to the stock room


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