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        English簡體中文Customer Service : 0086 -773-5870889 , 0086 -773- 8989089

        One-piece top-tabbed liner

        Our company adopt imported material,and JAPAN automatic equipment to produce seal liners, through green environmental certification firstly in industry:without six harmful material and the heavy metal SGS (RoHS), and without 16 species phthalate (such as plasticizer)and passed through following professional test, sealed effect is perfect, and quality stable has guarantee:
        1) through High-altitude fell test
        2) through high/low temperature stripping test
        3) through upright and backward pressure sealed test

        Liners can be print marks or trademarks, images and other information, showing the product's quality, improve product competitiveness and value-added.

        How to use
        Inserting liner in the caps,aluminium foil exposed in surface layer,and then screw the bottle,induction heating by induction sealer can be sealed.

        1)neck of bottle is flat,must be no gap,no roughness
        2)after screwed bottle,must be no space between bottle and caps
        3)liner keep clean,not to be contaminate

        Product  types:
        a) PET, PE, PP, PS, and PVC universal foil seals
        b) PET high pesticide barrier property foil seals
        c) Logo printing foil seals
        d)Glass sealing foils

        foil layer:
        b)wax bond
        c)aluminum foil
        d)heat seal
        e)PET,PE,PP, PS, PVC or glass foil
        compounding cardboard and composite film together with heated melt adhesive---removing static electricity--- cutting model---punching---visual inspection---screening---clearing the crumbles---checking the products---packing---sending to the stock room

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